A Simple Self-Hypnosis Game to Relieve Anxiety

A Simple Self-Hypnosis Game to Relieve Anxiety

Worried about how to recover from anxiety? (You can try the following suggestions.)

There are many types of worries. For example, the worries caused by environmental changes caused by COVID-19, the key lies in the destruction of the comfort level of mind and life. Therefore, initial recovery or establishing a level of inside peace of mind is very important to mental medicine.

There are two keywords here:

  1. Initial. Make sure the adjustment is based on your personal tolerance, which is the intention of reducing sensitivity.
  2. Restore or establish. If the past balance level cannot be restored, it is necessary to “turn” to establish a new level.

Hypnotists who have the knowledge and skill to design hypnosis treatment based on the request, and they also have prognostic expectations. Those experts believe that people don’t worry too much about the problem. Once the problem changes, the solution must also change.

For example, COVID-19 brings anxiety symptoms from internal and external environmental changes (unemployment, family relations, economy, restricted space, lifestyle changes, etc.). To desensitize the anxiety can be carried out in several stages. The earlier stage is smaller. The time and personal space for recuperation is the main key to the recovery so that there are resources for subsequent adjustment, recovery, and reconstruction.

The three stages of recovery from unemployment anxiety as following:

  1. Cognitive stage. Understand the current situation of change, evaluate individual coping chips, find alternatives to unemployment, and decide the phase goal of relief.
  2. Adjustment stage. Within the feasible range, gradually restore the small environment of comfort and peace, including the mind and life. For example, set up some regular life orders, reduce living expenses, and build up self-esteem to prepare for a new job.
  3. Recovery and reconstruction stage. Based on regular life, a new order from new changes is gradually established.

Step by step, you can build peace of mind and self-confidence to generate positive energy such as encouragement and self-esteem.

The pace and weight of the gradual recovery from anxiety vary from person to person, sometimes it is strengthened, sometimes slowed down, and sometimes waited. Human psychology is organic, and mechanical treatment is easy to be flexible and fatigued. “Preliminary” is a beautiful and gentle medicine, it can attack near damage and defend far away before happening, but the hypnosis can always help.

When people gradually realize what caused them to worry, they can find a way to recover from worry. A worried is not just the word “epidemic” or “work,” it’s the cause, and it’s a good start for healing. For example, 1. Epidemic => 2. Economic depressed => 3. unemployed => 4. Unable to pay rent => 5. Living on the street.

Of course, there will be a lot of messy details or other cumbersome issues, finally out of control which is the primary cause of concern. Then you can think about various solutions from this downgrade stages, and if you solve any one problem at any stage, the worrying downgrade chain will disappear.

None of these solutions can be replaced by hypnosis. But hypnosis can relieve people’s pressure and anxiety, and the breaks can help to go back to dealing with problems again.

So how do you perform self-hypnosis to resolve anxiety?
First, find a peaceful and warm corner and make sure this moment will not be disturbed.

Second, draw a 10X10 grid on a piece of white paper neatly. Then write down from 100 to 1 with a pencil, or draw 100 pentagrams in those 100 cells. While you are doing the writing, you can stop at any time. All of this writing will only take you one and a half minutes. If you can’t finish this work, leave it until you can, and start again until you finish it.

Third, you start to erase the grids that you have just finished writing or drawing.

You can erase it in various ways, using pens of various colors, cute stickers, various beautiful patterns, etc.. Just cover the original number or little icon you draw. When you are erasing them, you can imagine those numbers or icons representing the annoying things that you don’t need now. When you finish writing or drawing the last square, remember to sign your name on the paper and write down the date. These are 100 chaotic thoughts in your mind, all of them are covered up to be invisible. They stay here, waiting for the owner to pick them up when the owner has time. Of course, you may have forgotten it when you think about it.

This little psychological work, like a beautiful painting, can be hung up on a wooden board as a mysterious souvenir.

Every time when you are worried, make small writing or drawing like this. It only takes you 15 minutes to complete it, simple and effective. It’s like a small piece of clothing taken off from your anxious mind, a layer of old skin that has been transformed.

Try it, you may want to remember any 10 annoying things about them, but you can’t!!

You can also modify the above hypnotic transformation game into something more personal to play. This simple hypnosis contains several hypnosis techniques, which subconsciously relieve anxiety and make a personal psychological record at the same time.
You will love it, and you will be curious about how many unwanted things hide inside of your mind.

Finally, each piece of the hypnosis game is a small landmark. Once you finish one landmark, you don’t want to recall any 10 of those 100 pieces of content, because you can’t! If you really can’t remember any, then congratulations, you have won this hypnosis game!

When you finish this hypnosis game, look at the problems around you, and list them again. Then gradually eliminate the temporarily unimportant items or elements, leaving the top priority that really needs to be dealt with. In the above way, the problems that need to be faced have eliminated most of the noise under subconsciousness. All the fog will be gradually peeled away and dissipated, and there may be only one or two “troublemakers” left in the end.

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