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Acupuncture is a unique method of treating diseases in China. It is a therapy of “treating internal disease with an external method”. Through the interaction between meridians and acupoints, and the application of certain operations, acupuncture is used to treat systemic diseases.

In the diagnostic process, according to the method of diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, we identify the cause, the key, and the nature of the disease, determine the affected meridians and organs, and identify the characteristics of the disease (interior/exterior, cold/heat, and deficient/excess). Then the corresponding acupoint prescription is given for the treatment. The acupuncture treatment is used to unobstruct the meridians, regulate qi and blood, balance yin and yang, and restore the functions of the viscera, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing disease. For thousands of years, it has made outstanding contributions to the health protection and the reproduction of the nation in China. Until now, it still shoulders the tasks and is trusted by the masses.

Acupuncture and moxibustion were originally used side by side, but nowadays the acceptance of acupuncture is far greater than moxibustion in Europe and America. Besides acupuncture and moxibustion, TCM treatments also include Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, scraping, bloodletting, TuiNa and so on. These days, acupuncture and cupping are the most used.

Acupuncture is suitable for men, women and children. In Asia, it is also commonly used on animals.

Acupuncture is also suitable for a variety of diseases in different specialties, including internal medicine, Traumatology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, dermatology, and family medicine.

In addition, our acupuncture program provides treatments for physical and mental stress, pain and geriatric related diseases.

On top of that, we provide cupping and moxibustion treatments to adjust the cold/heat body constitution, resulting from the special weather and geographical condition in Arizona, or acquired by lifestyle.

The Principle of Acupuncture

After acupuncture microneedles are inserted into the body, more than 20 biochemical effects are produced, under the skin and/or between the muscles and bones.

Depending on the operation of acupuncture, different chemical changes occur in the body and important messages are transmitted to the brain accordingly.

Facts of Acupuncture

1. Acupuncture needles are very thin, which is 1/20 to 1/40 the size of general western medicine injection needles.

2. In the photos below, after stimulation by acupuncture, the stomach meridian in the right half of the body generates thermal energy, which is clearly visible in the far-infrared photography. The stomach meridian in the left half of the body did not show thermal energy, which is indicated as obstruction in meridian, Qi and Blood in TCM.


Cupping, just like acupuncture , is among the most popular therapies in Europe and America. Opposite of moxibustion, Cupping is used as a tool to generate negative pressure by heating or pumping the air, so that it creates a local suction on the skin, leaving circular dark marks, in order to promote collateral flow, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, and to dispel wind and cold.

Moxibustion was initially used to treat colds. Traditional Chinese medicine uses moxa to warm areas and meridian points, with the purpose of stimulating circulation through the points and causing smoother blood and airflow. Some people believe that it can treat diseases related to “cold” or “yang deficiency” in Chinese medicine. Moxibustion is said to reduce the cold and dampness of the body.

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