Energy Medicine

Quantum medical theory believes that due to the movement of electrons, a weak magnetic field of human cells is generated. Under normal circumstances, the weak magnetic field maintains a dynamic balance, and the human body shows a healthy state. This is what is called “balance of yin and yang” in Chinese medicine. At the beginning of the onset of the human body, first, tissues and cells change, and the normal movement of the electrons that make up the atom is abnormal first. From atom to molecule, from molecule to cell, and from cell to organ, the regular transmission of information channels is disrupted and destroyed. As a result, abnormal physiological conditions are caused, and over time, cell damage and organ abnormalities are caused, and diseases will follow. Energy medicine is to use the resonance characteristics of the waves carried by microparticles to guide the DNA transmitted to the cells in the field to induce the self-healing of damaged and defective gene fragments, awaken the body’s self-healing ability, and make the disease disappear. Thus, a fundamental cure for disease is achieved.

The structure of energy medicine consists of two parts: diagnostics and therapeutics. Since Qigong is combined with traditional Chinese medicine, and homeopathy and reiki are both used in combination with diagnostics and therapeutics of traditional Chinese and western medicine, they are hence also called energy medicine.

Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine

Nexte Energy Medicine (NEM)

1. Experiments on growing mung beans with remote aura energy. In the selected environment, the left side is the blank control group, and the right side is the experimental group for nourishing mung beans with remote energy.

2. Four Reiki therapists treat the burned area for 10-15 minutes. The picture on the left is the current scald, and the picture on the right is the result 4 hours after the reiki session.

Nexte Energy Medicine (NEM) is an energy medicine combining reiki therapy with Chinese and Western medicine and homeopathy. Its content is far more than pure reiki therapy, which requires more time to develop. Compared to the general two or three days reiki therapy, Nexte energy medicine (NEM) level takes six months to develop.

The following are photos of the application of NEM’s long-range Reiki energy. These experiments have been verified with reproducible results by our teachings for more than 10 years.

Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine

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