Alignment Body Posture Screen

The core concept of Human Body Posturology is structural integration, which is also the basis of Human Body Dynamics.

Human Dynamics has been in development for 20 years, ranging from skewed skeletons 20 years ago to fascia mechanics 10 years ago to movement mechanics in recent years. Movement dynamics covers corrective exercises and functional movement screening.

When the skeleton is skewed,
1. Joint movements change and stress increases.
2. Muscle soreness, torque imbalance are caused and muscles strain easily.
3. The nerves in the spine are skewed, causing the constitution of the viscera to change.

When the fascia is out of balance,
1. Pelvic is offset
2. Head is offset
3. Overall body is offset

Because of bad posture,
1. The chain domino effect from the bottom to the top is triggered due to gravity, causing compensatory distortion of the whole body.
2. Myofascial imbalance retains the body in a skewed position.
3. The brain’s memory of movements is impaired to effectively connect the whole body power chain, which causes the dependence on joint ligament to support the body weight.

To put it simply, bad postures may cause skewed skeletons and fascia imbalances, the brain to loses memory of movements, furthermore, cause joint deformations, muscle aches, and visceral physique changes. In light of the above, we provide:

1. Obtain an analysis report of poor posture through functional motion screening.
2. Improve posture through corrective exercises.

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