Medical Hypnotherapy

NGH hypnosis is a basic level to provide services including stress management for business professionals, weight management, smoking cessation etc.
Taking the professional path is the vision of a senior hypnotist.

There are many classifications of professional hypnosis, such as criminal hypnosis, detoxification hypnosis, sports hypnosis, stage hypnosis, and medical hypnosis, which are one step further after the general hypnotist training.

The above professional hypnosis is a combination of general hypnosis and individual specialties. It requires strong personal interest and ability. Dr. Chou eventually chose to become a professional medical hypnotist,

Areas of medical hypnosis include:
1. The integration of hypnosis and psychology.
2. Psychogenic diseases and hypnosis treatment.
3. Classification and assessment of medical pain.
4. Medical analgesic management.
5. Hypnosis treatment for medical analgesia.
6. Hypnotic and self-hypnotic recommendations for philosophical aspects of pain, pain attributes, and emotional management.
7. Hypnotic and self-hypnotic recommendations for behavioral pain management, activity, and sleep.
8. Burns, analgesics for surgery, anxiety soother, substitution for many unwanted placebos.
9. Reduce the complexity, resistance, and course of medical treatment.
10. Speed ​​up the healing process and condition after recovery.
11. Reduce dependence on drugs.
12. Reduce the burden on national health resources.

Currently, medical hypnosis is a popular choice in treating the following health conditions:
1. Attention deficit
2. Habit disorder
3. Psychotherapy
4. Self-hypnosis
5. Different types of phobia
6. Quit drugs or reduce dependence on drugs
8. Pre- and post-operation
9. Pain Relief
10. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and other functional psychosis

Medical Hypnotherapy
Medical Hypnotherapy
Medical Hypnotherapy

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