Body Mind Spirit Courses

Course Introduction

The Nexte body-mind-spirit course is an evidence-based course.

For the “Body” lessons in the series, we offer medical classes such as energy therapy / energy medicine, body posture alignment and traditional Chinese medicine. For “Mind” lesson, we teach NGH Hypnosis.
And for “Spirit” lessons, we offer universal meditation, energy of consciousness, mind power training, and remote viewing.

[Body] – Medical classes
1. Energy therapy / energy medicine, including mind power
2. Human Body Posturology
3. Traditional Chinese Medicine

[Mind] – Psychology classes
1. NGH(National Guild of Hypnotists) Hypnosis certificate class
2. Medical hypnosis certificate class

[Spirit] – Parapsychology classes
1. Meditation
2. Energy of consciousness, mind power training, and remote viewing

Stay tuned for the start date.

1. Experiments on growing mung beans with remote aura energy.

In the selected environment, the left side is the blank control group, and the right side is the experimental group for nourishing mung beans with remote energy.

2. Four Reiki therapists treat the burned area for 10-15 minutes. The picture on the left is the current scald, and the picture on the right is the result 4 hours after the reiki session.

The following are photos of the application of NEM’s long-range Reiki energy. These experiments have been verified with reproducible results by our teachings for more than 10 years.

Course Schedule

A. Energy Medicine/Energy Healing,including Psychokinesis。
— $650/ 6 months /Level 1。
— Online course,request skype account。
— You can join anytime。

B. April 12 (Sun) –
8am-10pm – NGH Hypnosis。$1900/100hrs。
— Register Date: March 31.
— Online (skype) + three full days in class。

C. April, 5 (Sun) –
8am-12n – The secret of Conscious 。$150。
1pm-5pm – Whole one medication。$150。
6pm-10pm – Telepathy & Mind reading。$150。
— Register Date: March 31.
— Online (skype)

Register Date – 03/15~04/01


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