So, what is cupping and why do so many people recommend cupping?
Cupping is a part of ancient medicine, the Cupping was used to evacuate diseased substances from damaged tissues. The Egyptian Eber papyrus more than 3,000 years ago mentioned that cupping was common at the time, and Muhammad also recommended cupping. On another side, cupping has been an indispensable technique in Chinese medicine for more than three thousand years. Cupping has been very popular in Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures for thousands of years. Now more people in the world are taking advantage of cupping. In recent years, many American celebrities and athletes have promoted it with their own experience.

What is cupping and why do so many people recommend cupping?

Is cupping dangerous? In fact, as long as cupping is used correctly, cupping is very safe. The side effects of cupping are limited to the negative pressure and tenderness when sucking the skin, and the round dark bruises will take days or weeks to disappear.

What is the round dark bruise after cupping? The discoloration after cupping is caused by the rupture of the peripheral capillaries under the skin, just like a bruise. Cupping can be used as a therapy to enhance the body’s resistance, restore the balance of positive and negative forces, eliminate disease-causing factors, and promote blood circulation.

The function of cupping is mainly used to treat muscle pain, relieve scar tissue deep in the muscle and connective tissue, reduce swelling and muscle tenderness. Also, like many complementary therapies, cupping is believed to make it easier to remove circulating toxins by sucking them out of the skin, thereby minimizing the circulating toxins.

What is cupping and why do so many people recommend cupping?By heating the air in the cup used for this practice, a vacuum can be formed, and when it is applied to the skin, the tissue will be sucked into the cup. This increases blood flow, relaxes the fascia or connective tissue, and is thought to promote healing. This is similar to the way that deep tissue massage can be used to break down scar tissue and relieve pain. Cupping can also help dispel internal heat. The hot climate of Arizona is especially helpful for quick relief of internal heat which is difficult to resolve.

Cupping is usually applied on the back, neck, and shoulders or on painful areas.
The cost is low and the relief effect is obvious.

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