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Acupuncture has been practiced by Asian people for thousands of years to aid restoring physical and mental wellness effectively. Our approach is holistic; we treat the whole body and seek to treat the root of the illness beyond the apparent the symptoms.

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Dr. Jennifer Chou
Using acupuncture, we prompt your body’s intelligence to restore balance.

Chinese medicine is energy medicine

The term energy medicine refers to the wide range of healing modalities used to diagnose and treat illness by manipulating the energy—the vital life force referred to as “qi” in traditional Chinese medicine—that pulses through the cells of our bodies. 


What They Say

“After many years of treating old post-traumatic stress disorder, I met Jennifer for the first time. At that time, I almost gave up all of those hopeless struggles. Then from a mental and physical perspective, I have made good progress after the acupuncture and hypnosis treatments with Jennifer. This physical and mental trauma has always been a constant problem. After several meetings with Jennifer, I feel the fear in my body, and my mind has gradually released. Afterward, we started some regular and pleasant treatments. I finally no longer keep such a large amount of negative energy. Jennifer has played a crucial and important role in this difficult transition.”

“‘As a new acupuncture patient, the Nexte made me feel at home: the care for patients is a professional, friendly, and helpful service. My experience at the Nexte has always been one of the best client/care relationships I have ever had, and I look forward to every treatment. Every time I left the clinic, it felt a lot easier. The chronic pain that always made me angry left me little by little. The Nexte clinic is different from the general acupuncture clinic. Dr. Chou does not use traditional acupuncture as a treatment. Her acupuncture is not painful, and the medical hypnosis effect always surprises me. I find the treatment very interesting, which may distract a lot of my attention from pain. I particularly like to chat with Dr. Chou. She has wide life experience and many new medical concepts. She can always solve old problems with new methods. Thank you very much, Dr. Chou!

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